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random poet machine

I have a fascination with randomness. The random effects that nature produces is beautifully spontaneous to me. I like to create things that produce random results, so I designed and coded a "Random Poet Machine" to pull text, images and video clips into a randomly generated artwork every time you activate it by pulling an animated lever. This is just a screen grab from the original one.

The lines of text are from several poems I wrote and the images and videos were all shot by me as well. I find it interesting to see how different poems are made every time and how the image or video might change the meaning of the poem.

The design and concept of the generator is from László Moholy-Nagy's Light Space Modulator (1922 - 1930)

potato comic strip

Ahh, it speaks for itself.

fiber optic pine



In Greek mythology, Daphne prayed to the river god for help as she ran from Apollo. Eros had shot Apollo with one of his arrows of love causing him to fall for Daphne whom he knew detested Apollo. The river god spared Daphne from Apollo by turning her into a tree. In this project Kristi morphs from a tree and back into tree. This is a screen shot from the animated version.