dark angels

Oh you sad one
Playing the Angel
Isn't so easy where you're from
Oh you wild one
Devil's companion
You won't stay satisfied for long
I don't want you to change
Anything you do

Wild Parsnip

Somehow this one came out looking like Mission Bay in San Diego. The Wild parsnip weed evolved a bit more after this photo was taken, so I will get a newer final pic on it. This one was for my friend Kristi.


I have recently gone off on a tangent of silhouetted skylines layered with splattered graffiti and weeds...this one is for my friend Bab.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Continuing the Wonderland Series. Next up is the Mad Hatter Tea Party. Something Auri said gave me the idea of looking down into a cup on a round canvas... cyan and gold maybe.

cheshire cat

Well he came out a bit spookier than intended. I will try to make the next one a bit more light hearted....


So there was this art show in Kensington where a bunch of artists created works with the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Anyways, it totally inspired me and I wanted to make some art about it too. So this is the first piece.


The man in this collage/painting is Billy Graham originally from a digital work that I made by taking a web image of Billy Graham then superimposing it over a picture of Jesus Christ over a picture of a $100 bill that is cut into three pieces--like a religious triptych. Those pieces are painted into the work with acrylic layers.
There are two other images painted into it on the right that are pictures of the "lady that rides the wild beast" which is the symbolism from the book of Revelation of how "false religion" gets a free ride from the government all the while corrupting it "drunk on the blood of false teaching. .."something or other... Anyways if you look closely you can see where it says
"The End is Near."